First for Football began in October 2007 with the aspiration of delivering the techniques, skills and fun of the beautiful game using our wealth of coaching experience. Since then, we have been running very successful football courses on weekday evenings and school holidays. Enjoyment and fun of the game are major factors in our approach to coaching, and we believe that achievements are significantly increased if children enjoy what they are doing.


The games that we play are centered on the children having fun whilst learning the basic techniques to help them develop their skills and knowledge of the game.  In addition, the games will help increase children’s awareness of each other and develop their team working capabilities.

Not only are our courses a great start to football or steady progression in the game, but they also help children with their social and life skills.  They will meet new friends and are encouraged to talk to each other to help not just their football, but their communication skills too.  We hope to give children the chance to develop, grow as individuals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s join together, as Coaches and Parents, to promote active and healthy young people with an interest in our great British game!

Get all the skills from our top coaches!

Parent Information

Frequently Asked Questions a.k.a. FAQ’S

Q. Do children need a packed lunch?football

A. Yes. We advise that you also pack a mid morning snack and two drinks (one for dinner and one for taking out for drink breaks). Please note that fizzy or sweet drinks are NOT advisable as they cause nausea and over enthusiasm.

Q. What clothing/ footwear will my child need?

A. Due to the variable British weather it is advisable that children have kit to play in to keep cool (shorts and top) and warm clothing to keep warm (jumper/jacket and track suit bottoms). If the weather is too bad to remain outdoors then we will use the halls available to train in. Beginners are more than welcome to participate in trainers but softer rubber studs are good for field games and easier on the skin if there is contact. We ask that children have another pair of trainers with them for indoor use at lunch time and any indoor activities we may have to do. Shin pads are also advisable.

N.B. It is a good idea to add your child’s name to the clothing as we often end the day with forgotten items! Please contact us if you have lost an item.

Q. Are coaches CRB checked and First Aid trained?

A. Yes, all coaches are screened through the Football Association Coaches Association (F.A.C.A.). This is a nationwide comprehensive check. All coaches have an up- to-date First aid qualification. All coaches receive child protection training through their F.A. coaching courses and are kept up to date within their daily jobs within the local schools of Leicestershire.

Q. Are parents allowed to stay and watch?

A. Most parents usually drop their children off and get on with their busy jobs, tasks and other parental duties. However, if you have spare time you are more than welcome to stay for a short period, but we advise that you do not stay for the full day as it can become a distraction. We acknowledge that children who are attending for the first time (especially young children) maybe apprehensive and your presence at the start of the coaching will be a good way of easing your child into the swing of things. Our coaches are trained and experienced in helping the children make friends, settle in and feel comfortable in the environment. Please do not hesitate in speaking to our coaches about any issues as they are warm, polite and welcoming and will adhere to your requests as best possible. At the end of the day the children are involved in team games and you are more than welcome to come and watch them in action for the last 20-25 minutes of their day.

Q. Will I get confirmation about my booking?

A. Yes. We confirm your booking no later than two days before the course begins. We leave it this late just to make sure we have sufficient numbers for the course to run and that we have the correct number of staff in place.

If there are any questions that have not been answered above then please send your question to us through our contact us page.