Evening Courses

Our weekly soccer schools are currently on hold through the summer months and will be back up and running when the children return to school.

All the children who attend our evening courses are encouraged to try new skills and techniques in a multitude of different fun games. We try and help the children attain the correct techniques by playing games that are as much fun as possible! This gives the children the chance to learn in a fun, healthy and social way and helps them develop their key co-ordination and social skills as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Important information:

As most of our evening courses are outside, we strongly recommend that your child wears enough warm clothing to ensure that they can concentrate on their skills instead of our cold British weather!

When the summer months arrive and hopefully the sun, we recommend that sun tan lotion is applied before the start of the session.

The 3rd generation pitch we train on is ideal for trainers, so there’s no problems for beginners or rushing out to get boots.

We also like to advise that the children bring a bottle of water with them for the session as it is important to re-hydrate during the session. Please note that sweet or fizzy drinks are NOT recommended as they can cause sickness and over enthusiasm.

Parents and Guardians are more than welcome to stay and watch the sessions, or feel assured that their children may be safely left with our CRB checked, First aid qualified, friendly staff and collected at the end of the session.

Football, Football and more Football!